Review – Back To The Future Biff To The Future #1

Back To The Future: Biff To The Future #1 – 

IDW Publishing

Written by Bob Gale & Derek Fridolfs

Art by Alan Robinson

Additional Inks by Jamie Castro

Colors by Maria Santaolalla

Letters by Chris Mowry


A lot of people may not know that Back to the Future is easily one of my Top 3 fandoms.  It’s one of those movies I can put on at any time and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time, and that goes for the sequels too.  I’ve also enjoyed what IDW Publishing has done with the recent Back to the Future comics.  As a true fan, I don’t want any more movies, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know more about certain stories.  So, let’s grab our Sports Almanac and find out more about how Biff got his fortune!

 Obviously if you’ve seen Back to the Future 2, you know how the story goes.  Old Biff gets the Sports Almanac, gives it to young Biff and he makes a fortune.  That’s where this story picks up, and we get to meet a character that we never actually met in the movies.  Not only does she play a pivotal role in this book, but in finding out why Biff is the way that he is.  When Biff tries to place his bets, he runs into a small problem.  This problem snowballs into a HUGE problem that he creates for himself, which leads to a major turn in the story.  Something that Biff does changes everything, and once again, explains his character in the alternate 1985 timeline.  True to the story, we do see Biff win his first million and this issue ends by announcing a change of scenery going forward.

As a huge fan of the franchise, this was always one of the stories that I wished I could have gotten more of.  Sure when Marty was at the Biff Tannen Museum we got the cliff notes version, but this moron turned millionaire story just seemed to have more to it.  Knowing Bob Gale is at the helm always puts me at ease in knowing these stories will be told the right way.  The two new faces that we meet in this issue, who I won’t spoil here so other fans can enjoy the surprise of at least one of them, really shape Biff’s future and go a long way in finding out how he started on his dark path.  There is plenty to make you smile about as well, so don’t think this book is serious or dark, at all.  It starts to fill a gap in the Back to the Future story that was just waiting to be told.  I guess what I’m saying is…just read the comic, butthead.


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