Ready To Fight? “Championess” Is Coming From Legenday Comics

From Lost In Space to Pacific Rim, there have been some pretty great licensed books from Legendary Comics recently. Now they will be trying their hands, or fists rather, at an original graphic novel this time. So let’s talk about the upcoming fight in Championess.

In a press release from Legendary they say, Championess draws inspiration from the real-life enigmatic boxer Elizabeth Wilkinson who challenged opponents by posting adverts in London newspapers in the early 1700s, this fictitious story follows ‘the Championess of Europe’ as she fights to gain notoriety in the male-dominated sport of bare-knuckle boxing, as well as struggles with her own racial identity. The story will come from creators Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas.

“When Tarun and Kelly first pitched me Championess, I loved that it was based on a true story and explored the life of a female bare-knuckle boxer in the 18th Century,” said Nikita Kannekanti, Editor of Legendary Comics. “It’s such a unique premise, and I had no idea women boxing was a thing back then! I have wanted to bring an incredibly strong, passionate female character to life in an original graphic novel, and the story Tarun and Kelly have created based on Elizabeth Wilkinson is the perfect opportunity.”

I am actually surprised this is the first time that someone has attempted to tell this story. I’ll admit that I am guilty of not knowing Wilkinson’s story either, but man does it sound like a great one. I know this won’t be a biography by any means, but it’s a strong base for a very layered story. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with visuals from 18th century London. My only problem with this so far is how long we’ll have to wait to get it.

FYI, the creators will be at Awesome Con in Washington D.C. this weekend (probably dropping even more details about the book!) How much are you looking forward to reading “Championess”?

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