Quibi Releases ‘The Fugitive’ Trailer During Comic-Con

It looks like Quibi is making a big push this year at during Comic-Con@Home. The streaming provider released a trailer for Don’t Look Deeper earlier this week. Today they dropped a trailer for The Fugitive starring Kiefer Sutherland. Check it out:

The synopsis might have a familiar ring to it: “Kiefer Sutherland and Boyd Holbrook star in this edge-of-your-seat crime thriller from the creator of Most Dangerous Game and co-executive producer of Prison Break in which an innocent man on the run, desperate to clear his name, is chased through Los Angeles by the cop who will not rest until he is captured.”

So you might think this is similiar to The Fugitive story that we know and love. It’s hard to live up to the Harrison Ford classic, but with the setting and details changed, this really is it’s own entity. Don’t let the title fool you. This kind of on the run series also feels perfect for the Quibi format.

The chase is on when The Fugitive premieres August 3rd on Quibi.

Photo Credit: Quibi