‘Prodigal Son’ Gets First Full Season Order Of Fall TV 2019

Well that was fast, Prodigies! Deadline reports that Fox has ordered a full season of the freshman crime thriller Prodigal Son. The original order called for 13 episodes, now that will be upped to a full 22. This all comes before the show even aired it’s third episode tonight.

Now you know why we have talked about this show for three weeks in a row now. This is a multifaceted show, with a lot more going on for it than a police procedural. This also goes far beyond the relationship between Malcolm and his father. There are a lot more layers to peel from this onion.

Want to hear our interviews with some of the cast? Listen to our interview with Frank Harts (JT) and Keiko Agena (Edrisa). Prodigal Son airs Mondays at 9pm ET on Fox.

Photo Credit: Fox

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