‘Panic’ Trailer Released By Amazon

It's not easy living in a small town.  Jobs are hard to come by.  Everybody knows everybody, which means everybody knows your business.  Oh yeah, and a bunch of teenagers get together every year in a deadly game to see who gets to leave.  Well, at least that's what happens in Panic from Amazon Studios.

Of course, if you have been following our previous coverage you'd already know that.  You can find more info on the cast, synopsis and producers by going here.  The one thing that we haven't had, until now, is a trailer.  That has finally arrived, so game on.

It definitely feels like there is more to some of these characters that you might realize on the surface.  Plus the extra added pressure of being the one who makes it out.  The fact that this is the biggest prize in "Panic" history also raises the stakes.  So who will rise to the challenge?

Panic premieres May 28th on Amazon Prime Video.  Keep checking back for our review, potential interviews and more.

Photo Credit: Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios