Painkiller May Be Getting His Own ‘Black Lightning’ Spinoff Series

This upcoming fourth season of Black Lightning really does feel like a bit of a new beginning, after how last season ended.  It might also be the dawn of a spinoff series, but not the one that you might be expecting.  Variety was first to break the story that a Painkiller spinoff series could be happening.

Jordan Calloway would reprise his role as Painkiller in the upcoming series.  As we've seen before in the Arrowverse, Painkiller will be getting a backdoor pilot during a Season 4 episode of Black Lightning.  The catch here is, according to a few other reports, this will not be a standalone Painkiller episode, but just one featuring the character.  This episode will be written, produced and directed by Black Lightning series creator Salim Akil.

I know that a lot of fans might have been expecting a Thunder and Lightning spinoff. Perhaps even a Blackbird spinoff.  The fact that Painkiller was chosen is interesting, but let's not act like there isn't a lot of depth to the character.  Kahlil/Painkiller has been though a lot since appearing in Season 1 of Black Lightning.  He's been the villain, he's been the (kind of) hero and could potentially be described now as an anti-hero.  There are a few ways to go with this story, and it would make sense to see him branching away from Freeland and the Pierce family at this point.  Plus, I would hate to see the Pierce family split in half just to create a spinoff series.

While there is certainly reason to be excited about this possible spinoff, I can't help but be a bit hesitant.  After it's own backdoor pilot, we haven't heard a peep about Green Arrow & The Canaries.  That doesn't mean it won't still happen, but I'm not sure that no news is good news in this case.  You could make the argument that Painkiller would be the more interesting show, but my point here is, don't get too excited until it's official.  There has also been no official press release from The CW or Warner Bros. Television as of me writing this article.  The only thing close to an "official" word was a social media post saying that the character would be back for a special episode in Season 4.  That hardly serves as confirmation of any larger plans.  So we're in another wait and see approach.

Black Lightning begins it's fourth season on February 8, 2021 at 9pm on The CW.

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