NY Toy Fair 2019: Our Favorites From Funko

So, if I'm being honest, we don't talk about collectibles and toys enough on the podcast.  Part of the reason for that is kind of obvious, since it's hard to SEE anything on an audio podcast.  Since we're bringing new content here to the website, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to talk about some now!  The NY Toy Fair is going on this weekend, and Funko is rolling out some AMAZING new Pop! figure lines.  I know you have probably seen some of them already, but I thought I would put some of the best reveals here and talk about them a bit.  Here we go:

You had to know with the release of the Shazam! movie in just a few month, that Funko would be all over that with some new Pop! goodness.  It looks like we'll be getting the entire Shazam! family.  I wouldn't really call this a spoiler for the movie, but we are getting a few first looks here.  All of the suits look pretty legit, and comics accurate as well.  It looks like there will also be a Hot Topic exclusive of the title character that glows in the dark.  There is no official release date listed, but you'd have to think these will come out around the time of the April 5th premiere date for the movie.

Speaking of new movies, we have a few new figures from the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.  Perhaps the coolest reveals are that we are getting an MJ and Happy Hogan Pop!  Not only that, MJ looks like she's prepared for a fight.  We also get a look at an upgraded Spidey suit.  It looks like Spider-Man and Snake Eyes joined forces, and we are 100% cool with that.  You'll be able to get your hands on these in April.

It's been a busy 2019 for Ghostbusters fans.  First we find out that a revival movie is coming based in the original universe, and now, a fresh new line of all kind of Funko goodies!  Not only do we get a full Pop! line of the team themselves, we also get a new Slimer and the Library Ghost to go along with that.  You can also bring home a GameStop exclusive super sized Stay Puft and a Wal-Mart exclusive translucent Slimer.  We also have pen toppers, blind boxes and more coming soon!  Find out what was not pictured in the original tweet by clicking here.

This one was unexpected, and I was personally very happy to see it.  Castlevania Pop! figures are coming, based on the popular Netflix series.  Funko gets it right by including all of the major players from Season 1, but also incorporating some elements from Season 2.  Personally, I think the Sypha and Trevor Belmont are the two that my eye went to first, but they are all amazing.  Hopefully, if things go well, we will get a Carmilla Pop! in the next round of releases.  No release date announced yet, but we will be keeping our eye out for these.

Last but not least, we are FINALLY getting a set of Addams Family Pop! figures!  The vast majority of these appear to be based on the movies that were released in the 90s, and I am more than ok with that.  Not only do we get the whole Addams family, we get Cousin Itt as well.  There are plenty of exclusives to choose from with a Lurch marked as limited, a Walgreens exclusive Uncle Fester with the light bulb and the black and white Gomez and Morticia that will be an Entertainment Earth exclusive.  Since my wife can't wait to get her hands on all of these, we will let you know a release date as soon as we have one.

These are just a few of my favorites, but believe me there is no shortage of new items from Funko.  If you want to learn more, including a ton of items for sports fans, some MiB Pop! figures, The Simpson and more, click here for Funko's official 2019 NY Toy Fair page and also check out #FunkoTFNY on Twitter.  What was your favorite Funko reveal from the NY Toy Fair?