Noah Centineo Confirms He-Man Casting

A few weeks ago on the podcast, we talked about the rumors that Noah Centineo being cast as He-Man for the upcoming live action movie. As it turns out, those were more than just rumors. On a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Centineo confirmed his casting as the title character. See the full interview here:

While this is not an official word from Sony Pictures or Mattel Films, I doubt that Centineo would be talking about this if the ink wasn't dry on the contract. Now the inevitable complaining about his hair color and muscular stature can finally begin. I mean, it's not like hair coloring and gyms exist, right? I already talked about this on the podcast, but it's really too soon to tell just how Centineo will be in the role. He does already have the heartthrob label attached to him, which can only help draw more attention to the movie.

Adam and Aaron Nee are now at the helm to direct, and write the screenplay. Masters of the Universe does not yet have an official release date.

Photo credit: Mattel

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