Nick Fury Series Coming To Disney+

It’s been a big week for new series announcements. The latest is one that has been rumored for a while, in one form or another. Variety reports that a Nick Fury series, starring Samuel L. Jackson, is coming to Disney+. This adds to an ever growing list of Marvel series on the streaming service.

The report says that Kyle Bradstreet (Mr. Robot) has also been attached to write the series and serve as executive producer. No plot details are available at this time. As a matter of fact, as of me writing this, Disney nor Jackson have commented on the report. The only reason I didn’t wait to share this news is that it came from a reliable source in Variety.

Remember, the last time we saw Nick Fury, it was in Spider-Man: Far From Home. No spoilers (just in case), but he seemed pretty far away. Of course, there is no saying that the series would take place in the current timeline. Who’s to say this will not follow Nick Fury immediately after his appearance in Captain Marvel? There are any number of instances where Fury was away under unknown circumstances. Any one of these could be used as the basis for a limited series. That might actually work better.

Years ago, Nick Fury was rumored to be getting his own solo movie, but that never materialized. Hopefully this series will have better luck. More on this as it develops.

Photo Credit: Zlotnick..©Marvel Studios