New ‘Wonder Woman’ Digital Series Launching In January

Diana looks amazing for 80, doesn’t she? DC is wasting no time beginning the celebration of Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary. Starting January 6th, a new digital series will be launched with a mix of new voices and some familiar ones.

Sensational Wonder Woman will begin with writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Meghan Hetrick and colorist Marissa Louise. This first chapter pits Wonder Woman against Doctor Psycho. Here is the remaining synopsis: “During a battle with the villain, Wonder Woman sacrifices herself to stop him, the impact from his psychic blast trapping her in an alternate reality. With the help of guest-star Hawkgirl, Diana must remember who she is before it’s too late.”

You might remember Phillips was recently named the writer of the upcoming Harley Quinn ongoing series. As for Hetrick, she’s worked on a Wonder Woman title before on Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace. You can also expect to see stories from including writer/artist Colleen Doran, Alyssa Wong and Eleonora Carlini, Mirka Andolfo, Corinna Bechko and others.

While digital stories arrive starting January 6, 2021, there will also be print copies available starting in March. Keep checking back for our review of this DC Digital First series.

Photo Credit: DC Comics