New ‘Stargirl’ Trailer Talks About Destiny, But No Release Date

With the conclusion of Crisis On Infinite Earths last night, the DC TV universe now moves into a Post Crisis world. Seems like a good time to promote a new series, doesn’t it? Since we got a glimpse of Stargirl last night, it should be no surprise that a new trailer dropped today. Here it is:

We do get some new footage, and even a better glimpse of the JSA. What we don’t get, is a firm release date. We know it will be Spring of 2020, but that’s all we know. I will say that I kind of expected a release date this time around. This is a joint venture between The CW and DC Universe, so it’s possible that is the reason for the delay.

If I get any updates, I will pass them along. Watch the first trailer here.

Photo Credit:The CW