New ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Clip Features Sonic Facing Off Against Dr. Robotnik

There were two main concerns with the Sonic The Hedgehog movie seemingly from the beginning.  The first was how Sonic would look, and that has been addressed.  The second was: how would Jim Carrey be as Dr. Robotnik?  A clip has been released by Paramount Pictures that might give us a little more insight into that.  See for yourself:

Granted it's less than a minute, but it definitely felt like a good sign to me.  Carrey not only plays the villain well, but he has that wit about him that I feel like Robotnik would need in this movie.  Plus the interaction with Ben Schwartz's Sonic seems like they compliment each other well.

We do have one more clip, and it features more of a "puffy" Sonic.  See Sonic pretty much blame Tom (James Marsden) for all of his problems:

While we can't judge a movie just based on two clips, in my view, this is a pretty good start.  I don't think anyone expects Sonic to be a smash hit with the critics, but we will certainly find out how fans voice their opinion with their money.

Sonic The Hedgehog will be in theaters February 14, 2020 from Paramount Pictures.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures