Netflix & Boom! Studios Teaming For Two ‘BRZRKR’ Adaptations

Nobody is every going to say no to more Keanu.  Thanks to Netflix and Boom! Studios, we're going to get two different versions of him.  The streamer and the publisher announced yesterday that BRZRKR, the recent comic book release from Keanu Reeves would be adapted as both a live action and anime series.  Reeves would reprise his role in both versions, as well as serve as an executive producer.

The live action movie would follow the story of the 12-issue comic book series from Reeves and fellow writer Matt Kindt.  The rest of the book's creative team include artist Ron Garney, colorist Bill Crabtree and letterer Clem Robins.  Rafael Grampá also provided the character designs and covers.  Other producers on the film adaptation include Ross Richie and Stephen Christy for BOOM! Studios; Stephen Hamel for Company Films will Produce. Adam Yoelin for BOOM! Studios will Executive Produce.  Interestingly enough, Kindt was not listed as a producer in the initial press release.

As for the anime series, it will be set in the BRZRKR world, but explore "different elements of the story."  It's being billed as more of a spinoff.  The timeline is unknown at this time, so it's hard to say whether this is a prequel, a sequel or something happening concurrent to the timeline in the original story.

BRZRKR has been a huge hit for Boom! Studios, selling over 600,000 copies to date.  Keep in mind, Netflix does have a first look deal with Boom! Studios for both live action and animated projects.  It looks like that deal has already paid off in a big way.  Adding a star like Reeves to their line-up is quite a boost for Netflix as well.  So this is a win for pretty much everyone involved.  Plus, if Keanu Reeves is going to get to the point where he can write his own projects, that opens the door to a huge amount of possibilities.

Reeves has wrapped production on The Matrix 4, but will soon move on to working on John Wick 4 in the coming weeks.  No timetable has been given for the start of filming for BRZRKR, but keep in mind Reeves is currently the only member of the cast and there is still no director attached.  So we will have to be a big more patient when it comes to any updates.

To find out more about BRZRKR, go here.

Photo Credit: Boom! Studios