Netflix Announces ‘Castlevania’ Season 3 Release Date (UPDATED WITH TRAILER)

How do you move on from your most iconic villain? That is one question that Season 3 of Castlevania will have to answer when it returns to Netflix. We’ve had a while to ponder that question, but the wait is almost over. It was just announced that Castlevania Season 3 will premiere March 5, 2020. See the announcement:

Remember the last time we saw Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha they were responsible for sending Dracula to his ultimate demise. There was also a bit of an uprising however, and now, more vampires will try to claim the metaphorical seat on the throne. Then there’s Carmilla, who I’m sure is not done forming a plot of her own.

UPDATE: Here is the Season 3 trailer!

Photo Credit: Netflix