‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ EP Eliot Laurence Talks To Us About Raylla, The Camarilla & The Pressure On Alder (INTERVIEW)

When the second season of Motherland: Fort Salem premiered, it left quite an impact.  Alder seems desperate, The Camarilla are on the loose and we're starting to learn more about The Spree.  That's just a fraction of what we talked to Executive Producer and series creator Eliot Laurence about on Episode 373 of our podcast.  Listen here:

There is also a big update in the interview that should make Raylla fans breathe a sigh of relief.  This is a fandom that is very dialed in right now, and for good reason.  Motherland: Fort Salem airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET on Freeform.

To hear my interview with some of the stars of the show before Season 2 began, go here.

Photo Credit:  Freeform/David Bukach