More Of ‘The Magicians’ Is Coming From Boom! Studios

School is going to be starting soon, so who’s ready for a new semester at Brakebills? After the success of ‘The Magicians: Alice’s Story’ original graphic novel, Boom! Studios is bringing an all new Magicians tale in a five issue series.

This all new story from series creator Lev Grossman also sees the return of writer Lilah Sturges. Why break up a great team? Joining them for this series is artist Pius Bak, along with covers by Qistina Khalidah (Return to Dark Tower) and tarot card variant covers by artist Alexa Sharpe (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I should mention that this will be part of Boom’s Archaia imprint.

Looking for a synopsis? Here you go:

Long after Quentin and his friends have graduated from Brakebills, Dean Fogg welcomes a historic new group of students to the school – the first ever class of hedge magicians, rogue practitioners of unsanctioned magic, invited to enroll at Brakebills. But the traditional magicians aren’t too thrilled to have the rule-breaking outcasts in their hallowed halls, and tempers flare as the student bodies clash to prove their superiority – not realizing a new danger has emerged to threaten them all. The malevolence behind the threat at Brakebills will rock everyone to their cores – and even shock longtime fans of The Magicians!

Boom has also released concept art of some of the new characters:

The Magicians #1 will be available at your local comic book shops and digital retailers on November 6th.

Photo Credits: Boom! Studios