‘Mega-City One’, The Judge Dredd TV Series, Reminds Us It’s Still Around

I was talking to a couple of friends at Comic-Con this year about how it’s been a while since there has been any news about the Judge Dredd TV series. Well, either this is a huge coincidence or my powers of telepathy are finally coming in. Rebellion CEO took to social media today to give us a bit of an update on ‘Mega-City One’. Take a look:

Good news is, we definitely have a script. From the look of things, the script has either been revised or rewritten as of August 1st of this year. The reason I say that is you can clearly see on the script that it replaces any previous versions. Rob Williams had written the pilot script, and I don’t see his name anywhere, so only time will tell if this is his revision or someone else’s.

So even though there is no announcement of a home for the show or any casting, it’s good to know that the wheels are still in motion. Plus, it’s always a good day when you can spend it with The Art of Judge Dredd. The series was announced two years ago this month, in partnership with IM Global Television. There have been rumors since 2018 that Karl Urban could reprise his role as Judge Dredd in the series, but there have been no updates on that front. Urban recently returned to TV in a big way in Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ as Billy Butcher.

This might be a small update, but it’s something for Dredd fans like myself to cling to for now. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

Photo Credit: Rebellion