‘Masters of the Universe Revelation’ Part 2 Trailer Brings Savage He-Man

Let’s be honest, no series triggered their fandom more than Masters of the Universe Revelation. Personally, I loved it, and you’ve heard the cries of those who upset at the lack of He-Man and Skeletor. Well buckle up, because that looks to be changing quite a bit in Part 2. PART 1 SPOILER WARNING: If you saw the end of Part 1, you know that Skeletor has the Sword of Power and is now Skelegod. In the trailer for Part 2, the question becomes: where does the power really lie?

The arrival of Savage He-Man will certainly beg the question about one of the most famous swords in all of fandom. It also raises some interesting questions about Adam and the origin of his abilities. Plus, we see Teela’s own abilities start to come to life. I doubt that this second volume will be any less controversial, but I’m excited to see how the story all comes together.

We will see some new members of the cast in Part 2, as well. Method Man joins as Clamp Champ, Dee Bradley Baker will play Savage He-Man and Danny Trejo leds his district voice to Ramm Man. Odds are, you remember the names of the incredible cast that we were already introduced to in Part 1. Powerhouse Animation also returns to bring these characters to life, as only they can. Still, all eyes will be on Kevin Smith and the writing team to see how they continue this story.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2 will arrive with five new episodes on November 23rd. Be sure to catch up, if you haven’t already, at www.netflix.com/mastersoftheuniverserevelation. Keep checking back for our in-depth coverage.

Photo Credit: Netflix