Marvel Teams With ReedPOP For ‘Marvel Made’ Products

This would normally be con season, and normally when we would all be chasing merch all over the con floor. It was either that, or try your luck with the lottery system and spend most of your day in line. Since the at home experience is our life right now, Marvel Entertainment decided to do something about it.

Marvel has teamed with ReedPOP for Marvel Made, an exclusive line of premiere Marvel products. So, now the con floor is your living room and the only line is the “Add To Cart” button. They are starting things off with a very cool Skottie Young Bundle. Yep, there’s a trailer.

There are three options with this bundle. Here they are:

The MARVEL MADE SKOTTIE YOUNG PREMIER BUNDLE ($199 + tax and shipping, limit 2 per customer, production limited to 2,500) includes:

  • A limited-edition brand-new base set of ten enamel pins, featuring Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and more
  • Five additional bundle-exclusive enamel pins, featuring debut designs for Carnage (from Marvel Comics’ Absolute Carnage), Jean Grey (from Marvel Comics’ House of X), Advanced Suit Spider-Man (from Marvel’s Spider-Man video game), and more
  • An oversized hardcover notebook (8 ½” x 11”) with facsimile art board sketch pages and a cover featuring an original illustration of the Advanced Suit Spider-Man, from Marvel’s Spider-Man video game
  • An exclusive Marvel Made Skottie Young variant cover of Excalibur #1, written by Tini Howard

The cool thing is, they are still limited. So you still get that sense of urgency and that convention feel. Seems silly to miss that, but admit it, we do. I also like that you have options even if you’re a little short on cash. So for a “pin chaser” like me, the $30 Blind Box option is perfect.

“Ever since we started the pin sets five years ago, it’s been so rewarding to see how excited fans get to see their Marvel Super Heroes come to life. I never expected these pins to take off like they did, and I’m floored each time they run out at a convention.” said Skottie Young. “As a comic book writer and artist, I love sharing my passion for comics anywhere I can, and I hope fans will feel the same when they get the chance to show off these new pins from Marvel Made!”

“Over the years, Marvel fans have gotten more and more excited to collect the high-end exclusive merchandise we offer at conventions, festivals, and other special events, and we’ve received more requests than ever from our diehard fans for more ways to celebrate the Marvel Universe,” said Mike Pasciullo, VP, Marvel Marketing & Communications. “Marvel Made is the next step in the evolution of our convention merchandise, which will expand that sense of community and deepen our relationship with fans – all while offering the same level of quality and exclusivity our fans know and love. We can’t wait to unveil the rest of these items in the coming months.”

Ready to dive in? You can pre-order now at

Photo Credit: Marvel