Marvel History Being Destroyed By…Cosmic Ghost Rider?

Is another re-launch event in the works at Marvel? It looks like fans may be divided again after several teasers were released by Marvel this week. Who really gave the Fantastic Four their powers? Who brought The Amazing Spider-Man back after Spider-Man No More? Who found Captain America on ice before the Avengers did? Who saved Jean Grey from the Dark Phoenix Saga? Well, it looks like we’re about to find out.

Marvel has announced a 6 issue limited series, Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History. The first issue will be released on March 6th of 2019. The creative team of comedian Paul Scheer and Far Cry writer Nick Giovannetti (Deadpool Bi-Annual, Guardians Team-Up) will team up with artist Gerardo Sandoval to “re-write the history of the Marvel Universe” according to the press release,

This is a bit curious, and almost feels like it will end up being an out of continuity story. One reason is, Marvel is not bringing out their big name, trusted creators like Jason Aaron or Dan Slott to do this. It also seems odd that Cosmic Ghost Rider co-creator Don Cates wouldn’t be involved, should there be any lasting affects from this. The character has become a bit of a fan favorite recently, so it certainly makes sense for Marvel to capitalize on that. I’m not saying that the announced creative team won’t do a good job, I just don’t see Marvel trusting the re-writing of their universe to just anyone.

More on this story coming up in Episode 244 of this week’s podcast!

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