‘Lucifer’: The Complete Fourth Season Adds Blu-Ray Release, Lots Of Deleted Scenes

You probably remember several months ago when we revealed the details of the release of Lucifer: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  Well, today is the day that you can get your copy at your favorite retailer or online.  In case you were wondering, yes there has been a Blu-Ray release added as well.


Whether it was the arrival of Eve, the birth and subsequent trouble for baby Charlie or Chloe dealing with the truth about Lucifer, this season pretty much had it all.  When you dive into the special features, there are plenty of deleted scenes to choose from.  A couple that stand out are an intense confrontation between Maze, Amenadiel and Linda after the baby has been taken.  Another involves Chloe talking to Lucifer about why she didn't tell him about the prophecy and her prior manipulation.  There are plenty of others, but these two in particular actually add some depth to an already stellar season.  The only bummer is that the deleted scenes are the only special feature that we get on this release.

Here's how you can get your copy:

Remember, another season of Lucifer is coming to Netflix on a yet to be announced date.  If you'd like to revisit our coverage of Season 4, check out one of our reviews.  Keep checking back for more news about Season 5.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment