‘Loki’ Series Release Date Moved Up

The God of Mischief already has some tricks up his sleeve, and his series hasn't even premiered yet.  In a time where so many things are getting delayed, it's always nice to get news of something actually being moved up.  Marvel Studios announced that the Loki series would now premiere a couple of days early.

The new release date will be Wednesday, June 9th, breaking from the traditional Friday release schedule.  So if your routine is to stay up to watch new episodes right when they go up, that might be a little tough to do.  Since this was one of Marvel's most anticipated new series when it was announced, I'm guessing that you're just grateful you have two less days to wait.

Here's a new video to tease the release date change:

I'm sure that you're more than aware that Tom Hiddleston will return in the title role.  Don't forget Owen Wilson was another big name added to the cast not too long ago.  In case you missed it, here is the latest trailer:

Now that we're about a month away, who's excited for Loki, available exclusively on Disney+ on June 9th.  Keep looking for our review and more coverage.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios