‘Locke & Key’ Promotes Two And Adds One For Season 2

After some turmoil and a long delay, Locke & Key delivered an incredible first season on Netflix. Fans, myself included, have been anxiously awaiting the second season after the big reveal in the final episode of last season. While there is no release date yet, there is a bit of an update that could give us some clues as to where the story is going.

Deadline reports that two characters from Season 1 have been promoted to series regulars for Season 2. First is Aaron Ashmore, who played uncle Duncan Locke. His character was part of a big reveal last season. Is there more truth that could be buried in his mind? Either way, we’ll be seeing more of him.

Anyone who remembers how Season 1 ended won’t be surprised by this next one. Hallea Jones will also be a series regular in Season 2. No spoilers here, but Eden Hawkins is sure to wreak some havoc on the residents of Keyhouse.

Joining the cast is Brendan Hines (The Tick), who may have a secret of his own. He will play Josh Bennett, a new history teacher at Matheson Academy. He has a big personality, but what history (or who’s) is he really interested in? I think that Tyler and Kinsey especially, better keep their guard up. Liyou Abere (The Boys) will also guest star as Amie Bennett, who becomes friends with Bode. Good news is, it looks like she will be an ally.

Production on Season 2 has resumed in Toronto, but the overall progress is unknown. Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix