‘Locke & Key’ Final Season Teaser & Premiere Date Set

I’ll admit it, I’m sad that we’ll only be getting three season of Locke & Key. I know how many volumes of the comic were published by IDW, therefore I know that there is more of the story to tell. Then I remembered, this is someone else’s story to tell. Even though Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are involved, this is still somewhat of a different vision.

That vision will be coming to an end a bit earlier than you might think. Seasons 2 and 3 of Locke & Key were filmed back to back, so production has been wrapped for some time. It was revealed during Geeked Week that the third and final season would premiere on Netflix on August 10th. Let’s take a look at the teaser.

This definitely feels like a last stand for the Locke family. We also get to see Dodge near the end of the teaser, and that raises the game for me immediately. I wouldn’t mess with Kinsey either, just saying.

We’ll likely get a few more looks at this upcoming season before the premiere. Keep checking back for updates, and be sure to listen to our previous podcasts for cast interviews.

Photo Credit:  Netflix