‘Legion Of Superheroes’ Is Coming To Blu-Ray & DVD

You might be familiar with the Legion of Superheroes from comics or from their recent appearance on Supergirl. Did you know the Legion had their own animated series from 2006 to 2008? Either way, you’ll be able to relive it all this July.

Legion of Superheroes: The Complete Series is coming to Blu-Ray on July 14th. You can also get just The Complete Second Season on DVD. Both come from the Warner Archive Collection from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Get all 26 episodes of the popular show, which aired on The CW from 2006-2008, as well as a pair of bonus features: the involving featurette “We Are Legion”; and an Exclusive Audio Commentary on the series’ heralded two-part finale, “Dark Victory, Parts One and Two,” with producer James Tucker, director Brandon Vietti and the voice of Saturn Girl, Kari Wahlgren (Rick and Morty, DC Super Hero Girls, Supergirl).

If you’re not familiar with the show, here is a quick synopsis: “One thousand years from now, the legendary Man of Steel inspires a group of emerging young heroes from the 31st century to band together and defend the newly formed United Planets. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. In Season One, Legionnaires Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia), Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie), Saturn Girl (Kari Wahlgren) and Lightning Lad (Andy Milder) travel back in time to convince an awkward teen named Clark Kent (Yuri Lowenthal) to join their Legion of Superheroes and battle their archnemeses, the Fatal Five. The insecure teen is, in turn, inspired by his new friends and, with their help, begins his journey to become the galaxy’s greatest hero. Catching up two years later, Season Two presents Superman and the Legion with an even greater challenge: Kell-El, the Superman of the 41st century!”

If you would like to pre-order, go to the WB Shop.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment