‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ Interactive Site Lauched, New Trailer Released

We have made it to September, and that means so many exciting things are coming to Netflix. Remember that Jurassic World animated series? It arrives on September 18th from Netflix and DreamWorks animation. We finally have a look at the full trailer for the eight episode series.

It’s Jurassic World, so of course they had to kick things up a notch. A new interactive site also launched today. When you visit the Camp Cretaceous interactive site, you’ll be able to tour the campgrounds, get up close with dinosaurs and, as Mr. DNA says, experience the wonders of science. There is more stuff to explore inside, along with a virtual zip line and a chance to see a dinosaur egg hatch. You might even be able to catch a look at Dr. Wu’s secret files. That’s just a fraction of what you can expect at CampCretaceous.com.

The adventure begins on September 18th. Make sure you go to www.netflix.com/jurassicworldcampcretaceous to save your spot.

Photo Credit: Dreamworks/Netflix