‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Loses Showrunner Halfway Through Filming

It looks like there is a bump in the road of the Millarworld/Netflix partnership. According to Deadline, Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has left the Jupiter’s Legacy adaptation over creative differences. That’s never a good sign, but there is a bigger problem.

DeKnight’s exit comes halfway through filming on the eight episode first season. The report also says that there are no plans to delay the series during the search for a new showrunner, and that filming will continue. Keep in mind that DeKnight also wrote and directed the first episode. That has to call into question the possibility of reshoots once a new creative team comes in.

The interesting thing to me here is the rush to keep production going. I get the whole “time is money” thing, but this seems like a very risky gamble by Netflix to just keep going without a showrunnner. Unless they hire from within the existing team, I’m not sure how they could expect a smooth transition. I’m not saying that this means the show is doomed to fail, just that Netflix might be delaying the inevitable by not just halting to find a new showrunner.

If you want to learn more about the story, or the cast, check out our original story regarding the show.

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