Jim Gaffigan Joins Season 2 of ‘DC’s Stargirl’

Over his long career, I’m guessing you’ve seen Jim Gaffigan perform stand-up a time or to. Now, he will be taking a completely different act to Blue Valley. Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor and comedian has been cast as the voice of Thunderbolt in DC’s Stargirl.

I would be lying if I said that I was super familiar with the character. I do remember that he grants wishes and can be the cause of quite a bit of chaos. Still, I’m sure it is always with the best of intentions. Given his delivery, Gaffigan seems like a good choice to voice the character. Plus, here’s a hint, we might finally find out why Pat said that pen was so dangerous.

Thunderbolt joins DC’s Stargirl in a growing list of new characters, including Eclipso and Shade. Something tells me that they are not done, so keep checking back for updates. Season 2 of DC’s Stargirl will premiere later in 2021.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios