Is ‘Pennyworth’ Moving To HBO Max?

After two successful seasons on EPIX, could Alfred Pennyworth be looking for yet another exit? Deadline reports that the prequel series could be headed to HBO Max, but it appears to be far from a sure thing. Right now it’s just that, a report. So here’s the current buzz.

The report suggests that negotiations are underway between Warner Bros. TV and EPIX about the previous two seasons. Pennyworth is one of the few DC Comics series not currently on HBO Max. Beyond that, just like many fans, the wait is on for a Season 3 renewal. If that happens, the report suggests that EPIX would receive second window air rights for Pennyworth. It feels similar to the deal that once existed between DC Universe and The CW for DC’s Stargirl.

This is fairly significant for a couple of reasons. For one, EPIX doesn’t have many original scripted series currently running or in production. That could be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing. Bringing Pennyworth over to HBO Max signals a move for Warner to control the destiny of it’s own series. It would also bring more eyes to the series. Sure you shoulder all of the costs, but you also don’t answer to anyone else regarding renewals. Would this control have changed the fate of any other series? I don’t think that we can open that door.

I don’t expect to see anything official any time soon. It’s possible that renewal news could be coming this month, since May traditionally tends to be the time for a lot of that kind of news. This is definitely a show that more people should be watching, and one that deserves to continue in some capacity. Obviously, we’ll have more on this as it develops.

Photo Credit: EPIX