HBO Finds Their Ellie And Joel For ‘The Last Of Us’ Series

If you thought fans were excited for HBO’s live action adaptation of The Last of Us before, this casting news is bound to create a frenzy. Not only do we know who will play Ellie and Joel, they will be portrayed by a fan favorite Game of Thrones character and The Mandalorian himself.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Bella Ramsey would play the aforementioned Ellie. Given how fierce and determined that Lyanna Mormont was in Game of Thrones, Ramsey should be right at home in this role. It looks like she’ll be trying to save the whole world this time, not just a kingdom.

Not to be outdone, Deadline reported shortly after that Perdo Pascal would play Joel. Early rumors swirled that the role had actually been offered to Mahershala Ali (True Detective), which turned out to be false. Instead Pascal will now play the smuggler who must help keep himself and Ellie alive to save the world from a deadly pandemic. Remember, Pascal is a Thrones alum himself, so the two stars are connected in that regard.

For more information on who will bring this series to life behind the scenes, see our original story. It’s obviously too soon for a release date, since filming hasn’t even begun, but we’ll have those updates as they happen.

Photo Credit: Sony/Naughty Dog