FIRST LOOK: New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Villain Revealed

We learned at Comic-Con last week that some new characters would be coming to The Walking Dead for Season 10.  Now we have a first look at the new villain.  Thora Birch will play a new Whisper called  Gamma.  She is third in line behind Alpha and Beta, but we learned at the panel that Gamma seems especially protective of Apha.

You didn't really think the above photo was the only one I was going to give you, did you?  This one is much more creepy:

Thora Birch as Gamma - The Walking Dead _ Season 10

I know that the character doesn't appear in the comic book series, but the creepy factor is off the charts here.  There is still a lot of mystery to Gamma's character, so we'll see how much we will learn before the upcoming premiere.  The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 6th.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8