FIRST LOOK: Justice League #39 Ends The Snyder Run

Scott Snyder was handed the keys to a classic vehicle many issues ago. At the time, it was run down and far from it’s original luster. It was obvious early on that Snyder would restore the Justice League to the level that it should have never left.

Issue 39 will bring this epic run to a close on January 29th. DC Comics has released a first look and it’s glorious. You can see the cover by Tyler Kirkham above. Now here’s a look at some interior art from art by Jorge Jiménez and Alex Sánchez.

So, what can we look forward to? Here’s the synopsis: “In the wake of the Justice/Doom War, the Justice League finds themselves stranded at the far end of the universe and facing a challenge they’ve never faced before. But what will they find on their journey? Has their battle with Perpetua had consequences reaching farther across the cosmos than they ever imagined?”

How have you felt about the Scott Snyder Justice League run?

Photo Credit: DC Comics