FIRST LOOK At The Supergirl Suit From ‘The Flash’ Movie

Give The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti a lot of credit.  Ever since he got the gig, he has been very active on social media sharing info and first looks with the fans.  One of the best ones yet was when he revealed that Sasha Calle would be playing Supergirl in the upcoming movie.  Who didn't love that video and her reaction?  Now, we get a small look at what the suit will look like.

So we don't get the full look, but what we do see is the more red look on the shoulders and neck area.  This is definitely a clear deviation from the suit that Melissa Benoist wore in the Supergirl TV series.  Texture wise, it also looks more similar to Henry Cavill's Superman suit.  So there is some consistency there, but I still feel like the cape is a key component that we need to see.  Could this be a variation on the look we saw from Supergirl in the mid-80s?  I doubt the headband will be included.

Hopefully by DC FanDome in October, we'll have more of a full look at what these characters will look like.  We got a similar look at Michael Keaton's Batman suit recently as well.  Still, we all have to understand that there is a long way to go.  The Flash will be released November 4, 2022 from Warner Bros. Pictures.  Obviously, keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures