FIRST LOOK At Swamp Thing From DC Universe (Yes, It’s Still Happening)

Man, did this story get out of control in a hurry. Earlier today there was a report from Star-News in North Carolina that the Swamp Thing live action series suddenly stopped production. The story went on to say the entire fate of the DC Universe streaming service was in question. I'm paraphrasing, but those are the basics. The reason I'm not linking back to said story is, it appears to be old news now.

Fast forward a few hours, and DC responds by releasing a first look video for the upcoming DC Universe series. Here it is:

It's just a quick look, but it's a good one. This appears to come in response to a story by The Hollywood Reporter that the episode order for the show had been cut due to "creative differences." It appears that the show will now run 10 episodes instead of 13. This updated story also speculates about the future of DC Universe, simply pointing out that WarnerMedia will have their own streamer soon as well.

So, deep breaths everyone. This video does confirm that Swamp Thing will still release on May 31st as scheduled on DC Universe. It also serves as a reminder that rumors don't always constitute news. There is no official word at this time, other than the video, about any of these rumors. It appears that all is well with the other upcoming DC Universe slate, but again there is no official word. If you want my opinion, DC Universe isn't going anywhere any time soon. We can only wait and see how this story continues to play out.

I will have my full thoughts, and any updates on this story, coming up on Episode 261 of our podcast that will be available on Friday April 19th. For now, be one with the green.