First Look At Eclipso From ‘DC’s Stargirl’ Revealed

Think back to the Season 1 finale of DC’s Stargirl. Do you remember who/what Cindy was set to unleash? We have a much better idea after a glimpse of one of Season 2’s villains. TVLine was first to reveal this first look at Nick Tarabay as Eclipso.

Credit: The CW

The ancient villain will be just one od the foes to take on the new JSA. Plus he exploits the flaws of others. Considering how unsure of themselves this team tends to be, that can be a powerful weapon. Not to mention, let’s be honest, he’s pretty menacing.

DC’s Stargirl will premiere it’s second season later this year on The CW. Keep checking back for more reveals at the new season.

Photo Credit: The CW