First Look At ‘Dune’ Released

Frank Herbert is a name that doesn’t get enough credit (not mainstream anyway.) His Dune stories came out in the 1960s and were definitely ahead of their time. Sure we’ve seen it on the screen before, but it feels different this time. I don’t know if it’s the all star cast, or my faith in Denis Villeneuve, but I can’t wait for this movie reboot.

Vanity Fair has released a bunch of first look photos from the set. As you look at these, I want you to really think about just how great this cast is going to be.

If Jason Mamoa with no beard didn’t throw you, Oscar Isaac with a massive beard surely did. Granted this is a small sample size, but this is a pretty good start from a visual standpoint. Until we get a trailer, it will be difficult to really get an idea of how Dune will feel, tone wise.

Dune will be in theaters (we hope) December 18, 2020.

Photo Credit: WB Pictures/Legendary