First Look At Damaris Lewis As Blackfire In ‘Titans’

There have been so many new suit reveals for Season 3 of Titans, it’s hard to keep up. Clearly they’re working overtime at HBO Max to make this the best season ever of the DC series. We knew that Damaris Lewis (BlacKKKlansman) would be playing Blackfire this season. Now let’s take a look at her suited up.

Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

You can see the concept art above to get an idea of what we might see when the character debuts. It should come as no surprise that Laura Jean (“LJ”) Shannon designed this costume. Jean also worked on the Red Hood and Starfire suits that have already been revealed for the upcoming season.

Titans is still set to debut later this year on HBO Max. The first two seasons are already available for you to catch up. What do you think of this look at Blackfire?

Concept Art By Gina DeDomenico