Eve Returning For The Final Season Of ‘Lucifer’

Recent evidence tells us to expect a lot of familiar faces in the final season of a show. This is one that I am definitely excited about. EW reports that Inbar Lavi will reprise her role as Eve in the final season of Lucifer.

We don’t know much about her return, but it should be an interesting one. Remember, the last time we saw Eve, she was breaking Maze’s heart. That happened a lot to poor Maze last season, so you could imagine how it would feel to see Eve return. Plus, we have no idea what Eve was up to while she went off to find herself. Could this journey of self discovery also have yielded a new love interest or is she returning for Maze? All I know is, the first look photo shared in the original story is quite seductive.

The original story also goes on to say that Maze and Chloe will be leaning on each other early in Season 5. They are both heartbroken, so it makes sense. So what happens if/when Lucifer returns from hell? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Season 5 of Lucifer will premiere some time in 2020. Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: John P. Fleener/Netflix