Episode 495 – Thanksgiving & Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Interviews & More

Thanksgiving & Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Interviews & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Interview at 2:25
  • Thanksgiving Movie Interview at 10:04
  • The Creator Review at 24:11
  • A Murder at the End of the World Review at 33:07
  • Superman Legacy Casting Update at 39:37
  • Dave Filoni Lucasfilm News at 46:04
  • Madame Web Trailer Talk at 51:05
  • Fraiser Revival Future News at 54:25


We’re giving thanks for an amazing show this week! We’ll learn more about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters from Director Matt Shakman. He’ll talk about his love for Godzilla, working with the dueling timelines and so much more. MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS IS NOW STREAMING ON APPLE TV+!
Since it’s Thanksgiving, of course we’re talking about Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving movie. One of the stars, Jenna Warren, joins us to talk about playing Yulia, but we won’t spoil your dessert (or the movie.) Find out what it was like working with Eli Roth again, why she had so much fun with the cast and so much more. Plus, why are we talking about My Little Pony? IYKYK! THANKSGIVING IS NOW IN THEATERS FROM TRI-STAR AND SONY PICTURES!
You can also hear our review of the sci-fi movie, The Creator, from 20th Century Studios. We’ll also have a few quick thoughts on A Murder at the End of the World from FX on Hulu. Finally we’ll dive into the latest Superman: Legacy casting news, a new driving force for the future of Star Wars, the Madame Web trailer and perhaps some surprising Fraiser news. We’re filling your plate with nerdy goodness!