Episode 491 – Third Eye Interviews, Haunted Mansion & More

Third Eye Interviews, Haunted Mansion & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Third Eye Interviews at 3:11
  • Disney’s Haunted Mansion Review at 21:58
  • Streaming Price Increase Rant at 31:20
  • Matthew Vaughan Superman News at 33:39
  • Gargoyles Reboot News at 37:23
  • Millie Bobby Brown/Stranger Things Comments React at 39:54
  • Beacon 23 Trailer Talk at 39:31
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Trailer Talk at 46:37


We have our eyes wide open! This week we’re talking about the Audible Original podcast, Third Eye. While we were at Comic-Con, we sat down with the minds and the voices behind this fantasy audio series, including Felicia Day, London Hughes and Johan Rey Rodriguez. Find out more about how long Felicia has been trying to get this story told, more about these fun characters and what it was like having Neil Gaiman as the narrator. EPISODES OF THIRD EYE ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE!
We also share a review of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, now that it’s on DigitalHD and on Disney+. You’ll also hear us complain about streaming service prices, share Matthew Vaughn’s wild Superman pitch, give our thoughts on the Gargoyles reboot and share thoughts on what Millie Bobby Brown looking forward to her Stranger Things conclusion. We might even sneak in a couple of thoughts on the trailers for Beacon 23 and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.