Episode 484 – Marc Bernardin Interview, Ahsoka Review & More

Marc Bernardin Interview, Ahsoka Review & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Adora and the Distance Interview at 2:57
  • Star Wars Ahsoka Premiere Review at 18:07
  • Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar Review at 29:59
  • Remembering Bob Barker at 37:51
  • Who will be the next voice of Mario? Predictions at 42:15
  • The Mandalorian, WandaVision & Loki Physical Release News at 45:59
  • Fraiser (2023) Teaser Talk at 49:23
  • Rebel Moon Trailer Talk at 51:51
  • Bosch:Legacy Season 2 Talk at 54:24


We’re ready go on a great journey! Marc Bernardin joins the show this week to talk about his graphic novel, Adora and the Distance. He talks about his love of fantasy stories, gives insight into the characters and the world that he was trying to build. Marc and James also talk about something they both have in common as parents. ADORA AND THE DISTANCE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT FROM DARK HORSE COMICS!
It’s also a double review week! We talk spoilers for the first couple of episodes of the Disney+ Ahsoka series and give our thoughts on the Adult Swim movie Metalocalpyse: Army of the Doomstar.
We also share some thoughts on the late Bob Barker, some Disney+ series getting a physical release (and what that means) and who might be the next voice of Mario in video games. Plus, we dive intro trailers for Rebel Moon, the Frasier reboot and Season 2 of Bosch: Legacy.