Episode 480 – SDCC 2023 Recap Part 2: Justice League, Adult Swim, Funko & More

SDCC 2023 Recap Part 2: Justice League, Adult Swim, Funko & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Justice League Warworld Interviews at 3:11
  • Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Interview at 14:43
  • Funko Booth Interview at 20:56
  • Activation Reviews Part 2 at 33:01
  • Marvel’s Secret Invasion Finale Review at 41:07
  • Comic-Con Winners & Losers at 48:05
  • Paramount+ Star Trek Universe News at 56:48
  • Invincible Season 2 Trailer Talk at 58:05
  • One Piece Netflix Series Trailer Talk at 59:09
  • AMC/The Walking Dead News at 1:00:28


Comic-Con has officially come to an end, but we’re not ready to let go just yet. It’s Part 2 of our coverage of SDCC 2023 with a full recap and interviews from San Diego! We’ll have our winners and losers from the con, and some pretty big interviews. You’ll hear from the producers, director and writers of Justice League: Warworld. The animated movie premiered at Comic-Con, and is now available on 4K and DigitalHD, so you can hear them talk all about it! (NOTE: This was a product of the Animation Guild, and thus not subject to the current strikes.)
We also have the creators of Teenage Euthanasia, Alissa Nutting and Alyson Levy, talking about Season 2. We talk to them about our love for the Season 2 premiere, try to find out if Trophy is a good mom and much more. Watch Season 2 of Teenage Euthanasia now on Adult Swim and next day on Max!
Funko is also huge on the Con floor, and we did not ignore their massive presence. Dave Bere, the VP of Brand and Marketing of Funko, joined us to talk about all of the great exclusives and more. We even got to try out the Pop! Yourself experience, so we’ll ask him about what fans can expect from that. We also try to get him to tease a little bit at what might be coming from Funko in the future.
There was still some big news coming out of SDCC, so we’ll talk about everything Star Trek and The Walking Dead fans have to look forward to. There were also trailers for One Piece and Season 2 of Invincible. Finally, even though it wasn’t at SDCC, we’ll review the season finale of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. It’s one of our biggest shows of the year, so don’t miss a minute!