Episode 461 – Superman & Lois S3 & Agent Elvis Interviews, The Last of Us & More

Superman & Lois S3 & Agent Elvis Interviews, The Last of Us & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Superman & Lois Season 3 Interview at 2:30
  • Agent Elvis Interview at 17:44
  • The Last of Us Season 1 Finale Review at 30:59
  • Boston Strangler (2023) Review at 41:56
  • Superman: Legacy Synopsis Talk at 48:54
  • The Flash Movie Villain Talk at 52:01
  • The Portable Door Trailer Talk at 54:42
  • Mrs. Davis Trailer Talk at 57:10

We're leaping more buildings in a single bound this week! Once again we're talking about Superman & Lois, but this time, with the season's big bad. Chad L. Coleman joins us to talk about playing Bruno Mannheim this season on the show. He'll talk about why Bruno doesn't think he's a villain, why he has a beef with Superman, working with the amazing cast and so much more. We also ask Chad about hopes for another season of The Orville and he drops some BIG news for fans of The Wire. WATCH SUPERMAN & LOIS EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT ON THE CW!

The show is also a bit cooler this week, because Elvis is in the building! Showrunner/EP/Head Writer Mike Arnold and Co-Creator/EP/Co-Showrunner John Eddie are he to talk about Agent Elvis from Netflix. Find out why this show is almost a decade in the making, why Matthew McConaughey was the perfect choice the play "The King", why you might recognize certain moments in history throughout the show and much more. AGENT ELVIS IS NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX!

There are also a couple of big reviews on the show this week. We'll dive into the Season 1 finale of The Last of Us full of spoilers and big opinions. You'll also find out what we thought of Hulu's new Boston Strangler movie. We'll also discuss the latest news on Superman: Legacy and a potential villain for The Flash movie, plus trailers for The Portable Door and Mrs. Davis. That's a lot of different fandoms wrapped into one show!