Episode 440 – Realm Noir Roundtable Interviews & More

Episode 440 - Realm Noir Roundtable Interviews & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Realm Noir Roundtable Interviews - City of Ghosts, Hothouse Bruiser & The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox at 3:43
  • JC Cervantes Interview - The Lords of Night at 16:32
  • She-Hulk Finale Review at 24:08
  • Rosaline Movie Review at 30:59


Break out the trench coats! It's our first Realm Roundtable interview with some of the best Noir series creators on the network. We're talking to Ryan Patch & Carina Green (creators of City of Ghosts), Joel Metzger (creator of Hothouse Bruiser) and Marco Palmieri (Realm story exec & producer for The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox)! We talk about what makes a good noir show, what tropes they wanted to avoid, how they found themselves in this genre and much more. Plus, hear details about each show and if there could be a second season. Find City of Ghosts, Hothouse Bruiser and The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox on the Realm app and wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also hear our interview with author JC Cervantes about her new book, The Lords of Night. This is a spinoff from the popular Storm Runner series and we'll ask her why Ren was the perfect choice to lead it. You can also find out how this Shadow Bruja duology will be different, we'll discuss the emphasis on Mayan and Aztec culture and so much more. Be sure to find The Lords of Night wherever books are sold from Rick Riordan presents.

We'll round out the show by giving our review of the She-Hulk finale and also the new Hulu movie Rosaline! Plenty to look forward to this week!