Episode 435 – Vampire Academy Interviews, Thor: Love & Thunder & More

Episode 435 - Vampire Academy Interviews, Thor: Love & Thunder & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • Vampire Academy Interviews at 3:37
  • Thor: Love & Thunder Review at 12:32
  • Cars On The Road Review at 20:08
  • Monarch Series Premiere Review at 30:59
  • Warner Bros. Discovery/DC Film & TV Head News at 30:59
  • The Peripheral Trailer Talk at 40:00
  • Wendell & Wild Trailer Talk at 42:05
  • Spirit Halloween: The Movie Trailer Talk at 43:44


School's in session, and it's bloody good! This week, we catch up with the cast of Vampire Academy before the series premieres September 15th on Peacock. We're talking to Daniela Nieves (Lissa), Sisi Stringer (Rose), Kieron Moore (Dimitri) and André Dae Kim (Christian) about this new, magical vampire series. Hear them talk about the connection between their characters, why this series is so unique, preparing for the action scenes and much more. WATCH VAMPIRE ACADEMY, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH ON PEACOCK!
We also help celebrate Disney+ Day with reviews of both Thor: Love & Thunder and Cars On The Road. We also give an early review of the new Fox drama series, Monarch. You can also hear about some very interesting trailers like Prime Video's The Peripheral, Netflix's Wendell & Wild and even Spirit Halloween: The Movie. Plus, another swing and a miss for Warner Bros. Discovery. It's all here!