Episode 433 – Stargirl & Echoes Interviews & More

Episodes 433 - Stargirl & Echoes Interviews & More

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Quick Rundown (Time are approximate due to potential ad placement.):

  • DC's Stargirl Interview - Brec Bassinger at 3:39
  • House of the Dragon Premiere Review at 19:35
  • Echoes Interview - Alise Willis at 30:15
  • Five Days At Memorial Cast Interviews at 43:32


The residents of Blue Valley have some new neighbors! Season 3 of DC's Stargirl returns to The CW this Wednesday, and we have the best possible guest to get you ready. Brec Bassinger, Stargirl herself, joins us on the show this week to talk all about Season 3. We'll talk about the ISA trying to become upstanding citizens, the return of Starman, the status of the Whitmore-Dugan family and more. Plus, Brec tells us about a fun behind the scenes moments that fans thought was a Season 3 spoiler! WATCH THE SEASON 3 PREMIERE OF DC'S STARGIRL THIS WEDNESDAY ON THE CW!
We also wanted to take a deeper dive into the new Netflix series, Echoes, so we invited Alise Willis to join us this week. She talks about playing Meg on the show, all of the twist that happen throughout the season, figuring out the difference between Lennie and Gina and so much more. We also talk about the big twist involving her character, and why it was one of the big memorable parts of the season. WATCH ECHOES, NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX!
We also have a couple of more guests from the Apple TV+ series, Five Days At Memorial. Episode 5 is a big one that's now streaming, so we have Adepero Oduye (Karen Wynn) and Cornelius Smith Jr. (Dr. Bryant King) to talk about their characters, the ethical dilemmas of the situation the doctors were in and how they feel about the system itself that seemed to fail the city of New Orleans. Even with all of these interviews, we manage to sneak in a review of the House of the Dragon premiere as well!