Episode 415 – Outer Range Cast Interviews Part 2

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Quick Rundown:

  • Lili Taylor Interview at 2:25
  • Lewis Pullman, Tamara Podemski & Isabel Arraiza at 6:43
  • Billy The Kid Premiere Review at 12:04
  • Russian Doll Season 2 Review at 19:25
  • Thor Love & Thunder Trailer Talk at 25:29
  • Netflix Animation Cuts & Drama at 32:36
  • Dungeons & Dragons Movie Title Reveal at 38:45
  • Marvel's New Squirrel Girl Podcast Info at 30:08
  • The Wonder Twins Movie Casting News at 41:21

Description: It's time to go back to the ranch. As promised, here's part two of our interviews with the cast of the new Prime Video series, Outer Range. This week you'll hear from Lili Taylor (Cecilia Abbott), Lewis Pullman (Rhett Abbott), Tamara Podemski (Deputy Sheriff Joy) and Isabel Arraiza (Maria Olivares). We'll not only learn more about the Abbott family, but also how fate might be bringing two characters together. Plus you'll hear about why filming on location in New Mexico was so challenging. SEASON 1 OF OUTER RANGE IS NOW STREAMING ON PRIME VIDEO.

We take on another western theme this week with our review of the premiere episode of the Billy The Kid series from EPIX. Season 2 of Russian Doll has also begun on Netflix, so we'll talk about that. You can also hear our thoughts on the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, some drama at Netflix animation, Marvel expanding their scripted podcasts, a Dungeons and Dragons movie update and much more!