Episode 257 – Happy! Season 2: Lili Mirojnick Interview

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Nerd News

  • Who's He, Man? - The Masters of the Universe movie may have found it's leading man.
  • Super Absent - The Man of Steel won't be appearing on Supergirl again this season.
  • Trailer Talk - Stranger Things Season 3
  • Google Power - Google is going all-in on multiplayer gaming with their new platform.

Feature Interview

This year we're going to have a Happy! Easter! Lili Mirojnick joins us this week to talk about Season 2 of the craziest show on TV! Hear her talk about where we find Merry at the beginning of Season 2, who she has her sights set on and how she may feel about the new Nick Sax. Plus, you know we have to ask about what kind of imaginary friend that Merry may have. WATCH THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE OF HAPPY! ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 27TH ON SYFY!

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