Episode 256 – Siren Season 2: Alex Roe Interview

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Nerd News

  • What If It's Animated? - A unique Marvel series is coming to Disney+.
  • Run, Eric, Run - The Flash is getting a new showrunner for Season 6.
  • Different Strokes - A new Deathstroke has been cast for Season 2 of DC Universe's Titans.
  • Hammer of Justice - Dark Horse & DC are teaming up for a Black Hammer/Justice League crossover.

Feature Interview

We're getting you ready for the spring finale of Siren Season 2! Alex Roe (Ben) joins us to talk about tonight's explosive finale, Ben's addiction to the siren song, the relationship with Maddie and Ryn and MUCH more! You won't want to miss his personal insights into what Ben has been going through this season. WATCH THE SEASON 2 SPRING FINALE OF SIREN TONIGHT (THURSDAY 3/14) AT 8PM ET ON FREEFORM!

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