Episode 254 – Gotham S5: Francesca Root-Dodson Interview

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Nerd News

  • Going solo? - Will DC Films be less connected from now on?
  • Water Wait - Fans will have to wait for an Aquaman Sequel
  • Shots Fired - Will Smith leaves his role of Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2.
  • That's A Plus - A new Disney villains series is coming to Disney+.
  • TWD Cubed - Another spinoff of The Walking Dead is in the works.
  • X-Men vs Hellboy - We break down both the Dark Phoenix and Hellboy second trailers to see which offered more hype.

Feature Interview

This week we celebrate our 5th year anniversary! We do that the only way we know how when we reach a milestone...we talk about GOTHAM! Hear our chat with Francesca Root-Dodson who plays Jeremiah's right hand woman, Ecco. We talk about the obvious Harley Quinn vibes, get some behind the scenes knowledge on her amazing fight scene with Camren Bicondova and SO much more! You won't want to miss this, or the final episodes of Gotham ever Thursday night on Fox!

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